Hotel Vyhlídka is the ideal place to organize your wedding day. We offer all services directly at the hotel, so you can avoid demanding transfers and save yourself a lot of worries.

Services you can find in our offer:

  • Wedding ceremony in a spacious garden
  • Festive banquet in the hotel restaurant, in the lounge, or in the garden restaurant
  • Delicious wedding cakes and sweet bars from our collaborating pastry chefs
  • Decorations, floral arrangements, and wedding bouquets
  • Wedding party with buffet or garden barbecue
  • Accommodation for newlyweds and wedding guests
  • Parking directly at the resort
  • Photography, wedding organization
  • Music program

Capacity and description of the offered spaces:

  • Hotel restaurant/max. 100 guests - hotel restaurant with breathtaking views of Náchod and the surrounding area, a bar, and direct access to the garden
  • Lounge/max. 60 guests - a lounge with a fireplace, a bar, and a dance floor, with direct access to the garden and a covered smoking area
  • Garden restaurant/max. 40 guests + possibility of outdoor seating - garden restaurant with a bar, space for outdoor grilling, and an outdoor dance floor
  • Garden - marquee/120 guests - spacious garden with facilities in the garden restaurant, space for outdoor grilling, and an outdoor dance floor

Accommodation capacity:

  • Hotel Vyhlídka/max. 45 guests
  • Bungalow Vyhlídka/max. 10 guests
  • Hotel Zámecká/max. 40 guests (our collaborating hotel)

For more information and a detailed calculation, contact us via email at

or call us at +420 771 274 570


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