We want you to feel comfortable with us and leave here full of energy and a sense of tranquility and well-being. Our hotel wellness is available to our guests throughout their stay. You can take a swim in the saltwater pool with a counter-current system. Warm your body up in the Finnish sauna. Take a moment just for yourself and enjoy relaxation, massages, baths, and wraps from our offer.

Finnish Sauna

Temperature approximately 90-120°C, air humidity reaches 5-10%. This type of sauna is known, for example, for ensuring a good night's sleep afterwards. Sauna sessions help alleviate migraines, provide refreshment and relaxation, relieve feelings of anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, and loss of appetite. Regular sauna sessions also support the immune system and performance capacity, especially the day following the sauna session.

Procedures and Massages

We recommend booking at least a week in advance at recepce@vyhlidka.cz or mobile 771 274 570.

Classic Neck Massage - 20 minutes/ 300.00 CZK
A highly popular massage that includes the shoulder area, upper arms, neck region, hair scalp, and face. This well-established massage technique helps relieve stress, headaches, eye strain, tension in the shoulders, trapezius muscles, and neck.

Classic Back Massage - 30/40 minutes/ 400/500.00 CZK
A massage targeting the back, feet, and posterior surface of the limbs. It effectively promotes relaxation and regeneration, and aids in stress relief. It significantly improves blood circulation, primarily in the muscular and connective tissue system, and secondarily in the internal organs. This leads to an accelerated metabolism and the elimination of waste and toxins (such as calcium salts, lactic acid, water...) into the capillary and lymphatic system.

Reflexology Foot Massage - 20 minutes/ 300.00 CZK
Relieves the sensation of heavy legs, provides reflex-based relief for headaches and spine pain, positively affects blood circulation, improves blood flow, supports the lymphatic system, and detoxifies the body.

Head Massage - 20 minutes/ 300.00 CZK
A head massage is one of the most pleasant massages. It focuses on releasing tension in the muscles of the shoulders, neck, head, and face. It is known as an anti-stress massage as it helps alleviate headaches and eye pain, and promotes mobility in the shoulders and neck.

Relaxing Facial Massage - 20 minutes/ 300.00 CZK
A facial, head, décolletage, and hand massage is suitable for both women and men. The massage is highly valued for its relaxing effects. Although the massage is primarily applied to the facial area, it has an impact on the entire body.

Cupping Therapy for the Back and Neck - 30/60 minutes/ 400/600.00 CZK
An ancient method originating from medieval China, primarily used for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system but also has positive effects on the proper functioning of internal organs. It greatly increases blood circulation to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, helps alleviate pain and other ailments.

Lava Stone Massage - 60 minutes/ 700.00 CZK
It induces psychological relaxation much faster than a traditional massage, quickly relieves muscle spasms and stiffness. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, deeply relaxes and harmonizes the body, gradually warms the entire body, aids in detoxification, harmonizes energy in the body, strengthens memory, and improves concentration. Thermal Wrap (blanket) - 30 minutes/ 400.00 CZK
The wrap has an immunological effect (stimulating immune reactions), increases blood circulation in the body, relieves muscle tension, and softens connective tissue.

Hand Wrap - 20 minutes/ 350.00 CZK
Intensively regenerates the skin of the hands, has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system, and leaves the hands rested, smooth, soft, and velvety.

Foot Wrap - 20 minutes/ 350.00 CZK
Intensively regenerates the skin of the feet, has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system, and leaves the feet rested, smooth, soft, and velvety. It reduces cracking and calluses on the skin.

Relaxing Full Body Massage - 60 min./ 700.00 CZK
A full body massage benefits not only the muscles but the entire body, including joints and internal organs. It regenerates the body and eliminates fatigue, providing a sense of lightness to the body and mind.

Dorn Method + Breuss Massage - 60 minutes/ 800.00 CZK
Stabilization of the entire skeletal system, including joints, calming the spine, harmonization of vertebrae to their proper position, and leg length alignment.

Aphrodite - Relaxation Program for Ladies - 90 minutes/ 900.00 CZK
Muscle relaxation in a thermal blanket or relaxation bath, classic back massage, regenerative hand and foot wrap, facial massage.

Achilles - Relaxation Program for Gentlemen - 90 minutes/ 900.00 CZK
Muscle relaxation in a thermal blanket or relaxation bath, classic back massage, foot or head massage.

Hydromassage Bath - 20 minutes bath + 10 minutes wrap/ 400.00 CZK
Muscle and overall relaxation through suitable water temperature and flow, suitable for the treatment of muscle and joint conditions, circulation disorders, fatigue, and post-injury conditions.

Aroma Bath - 20 minutes bath + 10 minutes wrap/ 400.00 CZK

Bath with Lavender Salt - 20 minutes bath, 10 minutes relaxation on a recliner/ 350.00 CZK


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