For companies

Hotel Vyhlídka is an ideal place for organizing corporate events, team building activities, training sessions, seminars, important meetings, as well as social evenings and company celebrations. In one location, you will find facilities for both work and entertainment, dining, and accommodation.

Services offered in our package:

  • Training room for 10 - 80 people
  • Rest area indoors/outdoors
  • Technical equipment (sound system, microphone, TV, screen, projector, internet connection)
  • Additional activities (wellness, gastronomic evenings, barbecue, minigolf, pool billiards)
  • Catering services and refreshments in the form of a buffet or coffee break
  • Accommodation for a maximum of 45 people in Hotel Vyhlídka, plus 10 places in a bungalow and 40 places in the collaborating Castle Hotel
  • Free access to the wellness center (swimming pool with counterflow and saltwater, Finnish sauna) for the accommodation participants
  • Massages (available upon request)

Rental Prices (prices are approximate and depend on the scope of the ordered services) and Venue Capacity:

Conference/Training Room Rental

  • 1 hour/500.00 CZK
  • half day (< 5 hours)/1,500.00 CZK
  • full day (> 5 hours)/3,000.00 CZK

Capacity according to seating arrangement (possibility of variable table arrangement - U, I, T, workshop)

  • School/50 people
  • Theater-style/80 people
  • Meeting (around the table)/max. 60 people, depending on table arrangement

Technical equipment of the conference hall

  • Data projector + screen/1,000.00 CZK
  • Screen/200.00 CZK
  • Flat TV/400.00 CZK
  • Sound system + wireless microphone/1,000.00 CZK
  • Flip-chart, paper, markers/50.00 CZK
  • Wi-Fi/free

Coffee break and catering

  • Coffee Break Basic/90.00 CZK/person (coffee, tea, lemon water, fruit)
  • Coffee Break Standard/130.00 CZK/person (coffee, tea, lemon water, fruit, sweet or savory snack/sandwich)
  • Coffee Break Exclusiv/170.00 CZK/person (coffee, tea, lemon water, fruit, sweet and savory snack/sandwich)

Customization of coffee breaks according to your preferences is possible.

  • Catering - we can provide you with all-day catering according to your needs.

For more information and detailed calculation, please don't hesitate to contact us at

tel. +420 771 274 570 or


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